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Inspired by the waters in Hurghada;

Wouldn’t it be cool if we had laptops that would float in the pool made from water resistant material ? water resistant? One could be in the middle of the water,  surfing the sea and the internet at the same time… I don’t think we are far from that, I could just imagine this white frame, with a screen, (of course touch no keyboard or mouse)  and  could check your email and sea the fish in in the background …

Also wouldn’t be neat, if there were water resistant writing pads that you could bring with you to shower? (because I think that’s when all the neat ideas come  in) and then you could scribble all your thoughts down  and they would no longer  evaporate  by the time you’re out… or maybe instead of writing pads, the same  water resistant laptop (previously mentioned) would have the OCR built in and it would recognize handwriting immediately and store it digitally  ( mine would need a very  capable software to decipher) then there would be no memory leakage ..


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That’s EXACTLY what I wanted..

Accordoing to Mashable, the social Media Guide, Adobe has extended a free version of it’s software (a limited edition) on the web making it avialable online (free of cost?)

I haven’t tried it yet, but you can check it out at www.photoshop.com (flash 10 requred..)

and the reseon this is cool is because I’ve been roaming the university for hours searching for  apple computers, out of preferenec, and out of need for Photoshop, which I know is only  installed  on Mac..

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