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Why Do People Blog?

I have typed the question: “Why do we blog?”  in the search bar of wordpress. And here are some of the answers that came up:

Blogger Lea Ann says:’I’ve gone from a snooty ”I don’t have time to read blogs”  to  “Hello, my name is Lea Ann, and I’m a blogaholic””she loves recving reply and feedback on her posts. She abolutely looks forward to them. and to interacting with the blogging community. She has made many friends through the blog. She says it’s teh next step after facebook. Her Blog

Blogger Hunter-Seeker says:”Slowly it dawned upon me that one of the principle reasons for blogging is an inherent need for self expression! Call it Ego, call it whatever you want but we all have this need to express ourselves to others even the most die hard introvert needs to express himself and has the need for an audience, even if it is just one person! And it is through this self expression that we come away with fulfillment…I was brought back from the brink of Blogger Suicide ( Deleting the Blog ) with a better understanding of human nature and how it is that we must address our needs.” His Blog

 “Ulitmately the best part about blog writing.[is] Getting a reaction.” says blogger Brian Moffatt, qtd in Sandy Hill’s blog post “why do we blog
Why do we blog? Part of me says that I am doing this because I have to for a class called Technology in Ministry. Another part of me says that I should reconsider the purpose of my class. I am learning how to use many aspects of technology in a way that aids my ministry to others. I need to make the most of it. ” Her first Blogging Experience!

This is like my version of a diary (because Im too lazy to keep a real life one and am not neat enough to do so) and if people end up reading it, then so be it. The blogging community does indeed seem to be “fading” but that doesnt concern me. I blog because I enjoy it and its a place where I can look back on (I looked back on my original posts a few weeks ago…. Her Blog

other interesting ones

“-…Why do people blog? Why not?”

“I blog, therefore I am.”

“East, sleep, BLOG.”

“Blogging is a journey within yourself.”

“I blog because you told me to.”

qtd in English11ib class Blog

lastly, why do I blog?

I like it!


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